A Review of the World Book Market Software

After selling my bookshop in Sydney and becoming an online bookseller full time, I realized that I would never be able to list the pallets of books I had sitting in storage, without the help of some very good software systems.

After what felt like months of searching I had downloaded many bookseller databases including Book Trakker, Home Base, Book Hound and various others which I can’t even remember, (that is how good they were). Most just didn’t do everything that I wanted them to do, and the others that seemed to have the capability were much too complex and hard to use by someone as computer challenged as myself, as I can’t ever use a spreadsheet.

 I then stumbled upon the World Book Market and their WBM-BB, after downloading the trail version, it seemed very complex, too complex for me a complete computer klutz. So I sent an email off to the creator, Guy Weller, aka Mr Pickwick’s Books as I had to all the other databases which I had hoped would work for me, the only difference being Guy emailed back straight away and offered to sit down and have a chat over a cup of coffee. This was a very welcome relief after some of the responses I had gotten from some of the other support services offered by the other databases I had sitting on my desktop. After Guy had given me a quick run through of the capabilities of the WBM-BB on his own computer I was hooked, and this was helped by Guy making it all look very easy, which thankfully it turned out to be.

 As I was coming to the World Book Market without any inventory file to import, apart from my turbo lister file, I just started listing from scratch with the WBM-BB. Although having read through the manual and on the forums about importing files from various sources, the most common being Home base, I am confident even I would be able import a Home base or similar file into the WBM-BB without a hiccup. The best thing being if there are any problems you can be confident that there will be a member of the World Book Market happy to help and will get most problems sorted with a few clicks of a mouse. I so far haven’t encountered any real problems using this database and the few very small hiccups have been solved by reading the manual of searching the forums as most problems have already discovered and solved by another member, and I have gained the wisdom from their experience.  I now use the WBM-BB to list my books and send those listings up to approximately 20 different sites, invoice customers, answer customer inquiries directly through the book listing, and host my photos through the World Book market. I am also now getting my personal website redesigned by the World Book Market so as my listings will go there also. So basically I don’t know why I didn’t do this a lot sooner.

–By Catherine @ RandomBooks

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