Australia Post Rates Go Up, Again!

I was staggered this afternoon to be told by my Post Office that Australia Post are putting up all their prices  AGAIN next month.  The new rates from July 4th, will include the satchels we all use.

By my reckoning that’s three times in nine months!

It used to go up every year which was on the nose but when it went up on April 4th  after a big price hike the previous September I thought that would be the end of the increases for at least 12 months. But no, shamelessly they are putting them up again after just three months.

It will soon be cheaper to jump on a plane and take a package to the U.K. then posting it there!

The Book Depository in the U.K.  is given a sizeable discount I believe by the Royal Mail to offer free postage to their customers-but here in Australia all Australia Post do is try their hardest to destroy small traders like us. They take away Economy Air-mail (New Zealand still has it) and then introduce this $9.00 anti terrorist scanning measure for the U.S., does anyone know of any other country that has introduced this?  Then on top of all that we are expected to wear these obscene price increases. Price rises at shorter and shorter intervals.

Australia Post seems to have some kind of death wish. The trouble is that they are making the cost of doing business using the mails here in Australia unsustainable.

The Book Collector

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