But what if they drop it…

A survey done in the States finds that “six out of 10 of those between ages 9 and 17 say they’re interested in reading on an electronic device such as the Kindle or the iPad”.  This bring up an interesting question – if this is the only way to get kids reading again, will we pay the price?  As the mother of a three-month old, I will defintely try to get her interested in reading ahead of time using the ‘old fashioned’  books.  If that doesn’t work and she shows interest in a Kindle (or whatever device will be out in a few years) then I’ll be placing that order ASAP.  As a bookseller it is a bit depressing, but getting kids to read, no matter the format, is in my mind the bigger picture.  Any thoughts?

Read the original AP article.

–Contribued by Jennifer Hechinger @ Parklea Books


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