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Founder of Shakespeare And Company Bookshop Dies

Book lovers who are also globe trotters will be saddened to hear that George Whitman, founder of the Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris, passed away this week. Going out the way many of us would want to, “George Whitman died peacefully at home in the apartment above his bookshop,” the shop said in a statement. Read the full article from ABC News here

Travels in the Tardis with Booksellers B & B

A late order on the morning we were leaving meant a delay while the book was processed and packed but eventually we were away with a slight detour for petrol. It was then he said: “the parcel has to be sent from the metropolitan area, we can’t wait until we get there” so the route was rearranged to go through the south west suburbs, eyes scanning the horizon for the red P.O. sign. A charity shop that we have never visited is noted but no sign of a Post Office.

“Quick, turn here” he said “John Street goes through Cabramatta. There’ll be a post office there” so a quick left turn and off we go into a swirl of one way lanes, dodging pedestrians as we go, until there is the post office but nowhere to park. A little further on, we double park in the station car park and off he goes to send it on its way.

Late that afternoon we set up camp in a park beside the river. He sets up the computer to check on any new orders while she goes for a wander beside the river, meeting the neighbours and photographing the brilliant sunset.

One day is set aside for business. There is a large charity shop just to the south of the nearest large town. The manager there contacted us some eighteen months ago and we spent an afternoon helping him sort his books into those to sell in the shop and those to put up on E-bay or send off to auction. We chose several boxes for our stock, offered him a fair price which he reduced for our help and said he would be back in touch when he had more to offer. Nothing more has been heard so we call in to see what is there and find nothing of interest. Half hour further on, a little place where some gems were found on a previous visit but this time one shop has closed down completely and the other is open very short hours for winter and is closed on the day we are there.

So, back to the big town. Last time we trawled the charity and second hand shops there were several purchases made. This time, she found three books in a series she likes but nothing for stock.

The week has come to an end and it’s back to the city for book fairs at Warriewood and Beecroft and several bags bought at both.

-Contributed by Barbara & Bill McLennan (The Book Collector)

Australia Post Rates Go Up, Again!

I was staggered this afternoon to be told by my Post Office that Australia Post are putting up all their prices  AGAIN next month.  The new rates from July 4th, will include the satchels we all use.

By my reckoning that’s three times in nine months!

It used to go up every year which was on the nose but when it went up on April 4th  after a big price hike the previous September I thought that would be the end of the increases for at least 12 months. But no, shamelessly they are putting them up again after just three months.

It will soon be cheaper to jump on a plane and take a package to the U.K. then posting it there!

The Book Depository in the U.K.  is given a sizeable discount I believe by the Royal Mail to offer free postage to their customers-but here in Australia all Australia Post do is try their hardest to destroy small traders like us. They take away Economy Air-mail (New Zealand still has it) and then introduce this $9.00 anti terrorist scanning measure for the U.S., does anyone know of any other country that has introduced this?  Then on top of all that we are expected to wear these obscene price increases. Price rises at shorter and shorter intervals.

Australia Post seems to have some kind of death wish. The trouble is that they are making the cost of doing business using the mails here in Australia unsustainable.

The Book Collector

A Review of the World Book Market Software

After selling my bookshop in Sydney and becoming an online bookseller full time, I realized that I would never be able to list the pallets of books I had sitting in storage, without the help of some very good software systems.

After what felt like months of searching I had downloaded many bookseller databases including Book Trakker, Home Base, Book Hound and various others which I can’t even remember, (that is how good they were). Most just didn’t do everything that I wanted them to do, and the others that seemed to have the capability were much too complex and hard to use by someone as computer challenged as myself, as I can’t ever use a spreadsheet.

 I then stumbled upon the World Book Market and their WBM-BB, after downloading the trail version, it seemed very complex, too complex for me a complete computer klutz. So I sent an email off to the creator, Guy Weller, aka Mr Pickwick’s Books as I had to all the other databases which I had hoped would work for me, the only difference being Guy emailed back straight away and offered to sit down and have a chat over a cup of coffee. This was a very welcome relief after some of the responses I had gotten from some of the other support services offered by the other databases I had sitting on my desktop. After Guy had given me a quick run through of the capabilities of the WBM-BB on his own computer I was hooked, and this was helped by Guy making it all look very easy, which thankfully it turned out to be.

 As I was coming to the World Book Market without any inventory file to import, apart from my turbo lister file, I just started listing from scratch with the WBM-BB. Although having read through the manual and on the forums about importing files from various sources, the most common being Home base, I am confident even I would be able import a Home base or similar file into the WBM-BB without a hiccup. The best thing being if there are any problems you can be confident that there will be a member of the World Book Market happy to help and will get most problems sorted with a few clicks of a mouse. I so far haven’t encountered any real problems using this database and the few very small hiccups have been solved by reading the manual of searching the forums as most problems have already discovered and solved by another member, and I have gained the wisdom from their experience.  I now use the WBM-BB to list my books and send those listings up to approximately 20 different sites, invoice customers, answer customer inquiries directly through the book listing, and host my photos through the World Book market. I am also now getting my personal website redesigned by the World Book Market so as my listings will go there also. So basically I don’t know why I didn’t do this a lot sooner.

–By Catherine @ RandomBooks

Guest Speaker Discusses World Book Market Software

The Bookdealers Guild (NSW)

invities you to find out about





The Guild has booked a quiet room so you can buy your own

a la carte dinner from the Terrace Restaurant Bar & Grill 
(your only expense will be  your pay-your-own-way dinner & drinks)

@ 6.30pm  Wednesday 9 March

and hear
Guy Weller, aka Mr Pickwick,
talking about the klutz-friendly

@ 7.30pm Wednesday 9 March

Rawson Street, Epping Read the rest of this entry »

New Book Selling Software

World Book Market, which has been around for a little while, has recently made their software free.  The full version, which will be released at the end of February, has several features that are worth noting : 

  • a database that can generate invoices (with store logos, and details)
  • generation of catalogues
  • ISBN verification and lookup
  • Will be compliant with Abe, Biblio, Alibris and “dozens of smaller sites”
  • AND (the most exciting feature) – drop down menus for condition reports that comes “pre-set with… hundreds of useful and carefully worded standard comments “

Less typing, faster book listing, more places to sell books?  What’s not to like, right?  Well, only time and a trial will tell.  The Trial Version is out now to sample.  Anyone game to give it a try?  If so, please post your comments and let the rest of us know what you thought about it…

Press release from WBM –


Contribued by Carol @ Turn the Page Books

Get your name out there…

Just ran across a nice site –  They have a database of “real” bookstores and by that they mean those sellers that have actual stores (although they will consider those booksellers who are open by appointment only).  For the bookshop owners out there, why not list your shop?  For the book readers, have a browse of it and find a bookshop near you (or nominate one that isn’t on the site yet).

Other sites to list your shop on:

Attn Members! : Content Wanted!

The website is up and running!  But in order to keep this site fresh, interesting and something we all want to visit, WE NEED CONTENT.  This means you (yes, you!) have to send in material that other bookdealers will find interesting.

Read something newsworthy about book values?  Overheard an hilarious comment by a clueless patron?  Stumbled upon a site that will help other booksellers promote their wares?  Then share it with us.  Send the link, comment, media content with a short explaining blurb to the web officer.  You’ll be attributed as the author and your website will be linked up with your post.  The more links out in cyberspace means more hits for you.

–Contributed by Jennifer @ Parklea Books