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‘Birds of America’ Brings in a Respectable Sum

Next time you visit home, and your Mum wants you to clear out the attic, keep an eye out for the box of old books. It might be a candidate for the recycling bin, but if you get really lucky, you might spot a gem like ‘Birds of America,’ illustrated by John James Audubon. Bringing in a cool $7.9 million US, it’s a reason to clean out the attic now. Why wait for spring…

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HELP I Have “Inherited A Collection of Books!! What Can I Do?

Assuming you have been through the collection and gathered up those books you are personally interested in, what do you do next?

The first thing to do is to ask any relatives if there is any book they would like. As a bookseller I have often been asked for a book that has been given away when a family collection has been disposed of. So please ask. Someone may have a favourite of which you are unaware. 

Once you know for sure you are disposing of a collection of unwanted books ask yourself whether you wish to gain any funds from their sale.

Assuming you are not interested in monetary gain there are two options.

Firstly, if you don’t care where the books end up contact your nearest university or branch of Lifeline and ask about pick-ups for one of their fund-raising fairs. Secondly, here are some suggestions for those wishing to see that the books “go to a good home”. Read the rest of this entry »