Coming to a post office near you…

Carol Jones of Turn the Page found this interesting (and a little worrying) post on an eBay forum:

“I learnt today, from our local Postmaster that because of a new computer system being installed in Post Offices, that items that have postage labels i.e not in a satchel, will not have the postcode on the receipt anymore.

When he saw the look of horror on my face he said that he had already emailed the powers-to-be explaining about eBayers in particular, needing the postcode as part of the proof of posting.

He said our Post Office was one of the first to have the new system so I don’t think it is widely known at the moment.”

For many booksellers, the postcode on the receipt is a method of cheap ‘insurance’ : it proves the parcel has indeed been posted off and is out of our hands.  The next method is Registered Post and costs a great deal more.  Let Australia Post know that leaving the postcodes off receipts is not acceptable.  Write AusPost, or talk to your local postmaster.

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