Any reputable NSW and ACT antiquarian and/or secondhand bookseller can join the Bookdealers’ Guild (NSW). You don’t need to trade full time, although we’d prefer you have been trading for two years so you know the trade’s terminology, can identify a book’s condition and understand the trade’s ethics and etiquette. The Guild welcomes traders who will uphold our Code of Practice.

Joining The Guild

If you trade as a secondhand bookseller you can apply for Guild membership. Following the Model Rules of Association, our members will nominate and second your application. You must have a relevant ABN, but can draw income from other sources. You do not have to be a Guild member to exhibit at our book fairs or attend our other events. The Guild welcomes bona fide booksellers from other states and territories.

However, applying for membership does not guarantee acceptance. If we refuse your application, you may reapply after two months.

These fees will be due 28 days after notification of your successful application:

Joining fee:   Aust $100
Annual membership fee:    Aust $50

Some reasons for joining the Bookdealers’ Guild (NSW) include:

  • Opportunities to exhibit at Bookdealers’ Guild fairs
  • Free publicity opportunities
  • Inclusion on this site
  • Inclusion in book fair catalogues when you are exhibiting
  • Referrals from Guild members
  • Collegiate support and shared information

Guild Members Observe This Code Of Practice:

  • To use standardised, user-friendly terms, when describing and listing books.
  • To recognise and consider other members by offering courtesy discounts, invoiced purchases, cross referring and sharing information. To recognise and consider other members by offering courtesy discounts, invoiced purchases, cross referring and sharing information.
  • To promote all NSW booksellers and to recommend Australian dealers where practical.
  • To develop common policies for book searching, appraising and purchasing.
  • To attend the Guild’s book fairs (as a stall-holder or a visitor) and to participate in the Guild’s other ventures which seek to inform and promote NSW booksellers.
  • To attend the Guild’s Annual General Meetings, or vote by proxy.
  • To actively encourage and welcome new members to the Guild.
  • To work cooperatively, but independently, of such organizations as Abebooks, ANZAAB and Books & Collectibles.

Some of the Guild’s Resolutions:

  • That each business gets one vote.
  • That any dealer who buys a member’s business can be a member until the end of that financial year, after which he/she can apply for membership in his/her own right.
  • That the present members will be known as ‘Founding Members’, and they will pay for the initial costs incurred in registering the Guild and its domain name(s).
  • That the Guild will hold its AGM within 2 months of the end of each financial year
  • That those booksellers who wish to join the Guild pay for a full year’s (non-refundable) membership, expiring on 30 June of the following year (rather than a pro rata rate for the months of their membership).
  • That anyone who joins the Guild after 1 July 2007 can attend 2 meetings, so that they can observe the Guild’s structures and activities. Alternatively, they can apply to the Guild’s secretary for an application form.
  • That The Guild operate under the Department of Fair Trading’s Model Rules. You can download these from Model Rules for Incorporated Associations,

As a Guild member you can:

  • Help build an organisation that meets its members’ needs and addresses their concerns.
  • Learn about up-and-coming charity book fairs and other ways of sourcing books.
  • Take enquiries from members who know about your specializations and stock.
  • Meet other dealers who are willing to share their expertise and insights.
  • Access the Guild’s website chat room re industry developments etc
  • Save on hiring a stall at the Guild’s Book Fairs (est. 3 a year).
  • List in the Guild’s contact book.
  • Actively support new dealers and new members.
  • Use the Guild’s name and logo to signify your status as a reputable dealer.
  • Socialise and network with other dealers.

The Guild’s Letterhead and Logo

Only the Guilds executive members, or their representatives, can use The Guild’s letterhead to write letters on behalf of The Guild. They will restrict its use to Guild correspondence (as against Guild publicity – eg book fair publicity and promotions)

Only members can use The Guild Members’ logo in their shops, websites, signage and stationery.

All members get two copies of the stick-on logo when they join The Guild. They will have to pay $20 for each additional copy they require.

They can only use the logo template in the following ways.

  • If they use it as black & white circular graphic it must be reversed out.
  • It they use it as a reversed out red circular graphic it must be in pms

When they are using the logo on their stationery it must not be any bigger than 2.5cms in diameter. The Guilds executive will investigate any member who uses the logo disrespectfully or without authority according to the Guild’s articles of association. The Guild’s executive can send the logo (together with pms instructions) to any agency which is collaborating on, or promoting, the Guild’s activities (eg Tourism Southern Highlands; The Uralla Book Fair)

Monthly Meetings

We hold our Guild meetings at in the main dining area, 7.00pm, on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Canada Bay Club, 4 William Street Five Dock 2046 (please phone 9357 2038, to confirm the time and date in advance).

The Guild’s Book Fairs

The Guild’s book fairs support its members and raise the profile of secondhand book selling. The Guild spends all its income on promotions and has a solid contact list of institutions and people who have attended previous fairs. The Guild recognizes that some booksellers will find it difficult to exhibit at book fairs, because they have retail shops or have to travel long distances. Nevertheless, it believes that we will all benefit when we raise people’s awareness of the pleasures and benefits of book collecting.

Our Book Fair participants:

  • Aim for a high standard of presentation in their personal appearance and in the ways they display stock (using floor length table cloths, bookends etc).
  • Price all stock (and change prices before the fair so as to avoid ‘sale’ signs).
  • Use name tags and signs to identify themselves and their businesses,
  • Place all purchases in bags, to avoid confusion and to mitigate again theft.
  • Assume responsibility for their own third-party and contents insurance. If necessary the Guild can provide information about short-term insurance policies for book fairs and similar events. The Guild asks participants to submit a certificate of currency when they pay the deposits for their stalls.
  • Can become Guild members. To this end, Guild members will get a discount on their rental fee while non-members will pay the full fee.