HELP I Have “Inherited A Collection of Books!! What Can I Do?

Assuming you have been through the collection and gathered up those books you are personally interested in, what do you do next?

The first thing to do is to ask any relatives if there is any book they would like. As a bookseller I have often been asked for a book that has been given away when a family collection has been disposed of. So please ask. Someone may have a favourite of which you are unaware. 

Once you know for sure you are disposing of a collection of unwanted books ask yourself whether you wish to gain any funds from their sale.

Assuming you are not interested in monetary gain there are two options.

Firstly, if you don’t care where the books end up contact your nearest university or branch of Lifeline and ask about pick-ups for one of their fund-raising fairs. Secondly, here are some suggestions for those wishing to see that the books “go to a good home”. Read the rest of this entry »

Guest Speaker Discusses World Book Market Software

The Bookdealers Guild (NSW)

invities you to find out about





The Guild has booked a quiet room so you can buy your own

a la carte dinner from the Terrace Restaurant Bar & Grill 
(your only expense will be  your pay-your-own-way dinner & drinks)

@ 6.30pm  Wednesday 9 March

and hear
Guy Weller, aka Mr Pickwick,
talking about the klutz-friendly

@ 7.30pm Wednesday 9 March

Rawson Street, Epping Read the rest of this entry »

New Book Selling Software

World Book Market, which has been around for a little while, has recently made their software free.  The full version, which will be released at the end of February, has several features that are worth noting : 

  • a database that can generate invoices (with store logos, and details)
  • generation of catalogues
  • ISBN verification and lookup
  • Will be compliant with Abe, Biblio, Alibris and “dozens of smaller sites”
  • AND (the most exciting feature) – drop down menus for condition reports that comes “pre-set with… hundreds of useful and carefully worded standard comments “

Less typing, faster book listing, more places to sell books?  What’s not to like, right?  Well, only time and a trial will tell.  The Trial Version is out now to sample.  Anyone game to give it a try?  If so, please post your comments and let the rest of us know what you thought about it…

Press release from WBM –


Contribued by Carol @ Turn the Page Books

Get your name out there…

Just ran across a nice site –  They have a database of “real” bookstores and by that they mean those sellers that have actual stores (although they will consider those booksellers who are open by appointment only).  For the bookshop owners out there, why not list your shop?  For the book readers, have a browse of it and find a bookshop near you (or nominate one that isn’t on the site yet).

Other sites to list your shop on:

But what if they drop it…

A survey done in the States finds that “six out of 10 of those between ages 9 and 17 say they’re interested in reading on an electronic device such as the Kindle or the iPad”.  This bring up an interesting question – if this is the only way to get kids reading again, will we pay the price?  As the mother of a three-month old, I will defintely try to get her interested in reading ahead of time using the ‘old fashioned’  books.  If that doesn’t work and she shows interest in a Kindle (or whatever device will be out in a few years) then I’ll be placing that order ASAP.  As a bookseller it is a bit depressing, but getting kids to read, no matter the format, is in my mind the bigger picture.  Any thoughts?

Read the original AP article.

–Contribued by Jennifer Hechinger @ Parklea Books


A Welcome from the Guild President

Greetings Everyone,

 Welcome to the 2010-2011 trading year. May it be productive and enjoyable for us all.

At our first meeting for the year, on 19 August, members brainstormed for new ideas using Edward de Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats”. This was a different approach for us and some new ideas were generated.

It was agreed by all that we want to warmly welcome new members and wish to particularly encourage them to come to meetings and share ideas.

In addition we particularly wish to encourage members who are no longer financial to rejoin. Current members have missed your input and you are missing out on the benefits of membership.

A reminder that the deadline for participating in the Bowral Bookfair is approaching.

Please contact Gavin Harris of Cross Art and Books or Margaret Dunstan of Somerset House Books if you wish to participate. 

Long live the book and long live book collectors!!!!

 Margaret Dunstan

President Bookdealers Guild  NSW (Inc)

–Contributed by Margaret Dunstan of Somerset House Books

Attn Members! : Content Wanted!

The website is up and running!  But in order to keep this site fresh, interesting and something we all want to visit, WE NEED CONTENT.  This means you (yes, you!) have to send in material that other bookdealers will find interesting.

Read something newsworthy about book values?  Overheard an hilarious comment by a clueless patron?  Stumbled upon a site that will help other booksellers promote their wares?  Then share it with us.  Send the link, comment, media content with a short explaining blurb to the web officer.  You’ll be attributed as the author and your website will be linked up with your post.  The more links out in cyberspace means more hits for you.

–Contributed by Jennifer @ Parklea Books

The downfall of the book as we know it?

New Thriller Sells More E-Books Than Hardcovers

We’ve have many a discussion at the Guild about the threat of the e-book to bookdealers.  This article is something to worry about, but the good news is that this trend is still mainly in the U.S.  The cliche that Australia is ten years behind the States might be a good thing in this case…

Read the Wall Street Journal article here…