Travels in the Tardis with Booksellers B & B

A late order on the morning we were leaving meant a delay while the book was processed and packed but eventually we were away with a slight detour for petrol. It was then he said: “the parcel has to be sent from the metropolitan area, we can’t wait until we get there” so the route was rearranged to go through the south west suburbs, eyes scanning the horizon for the red P.O. sign. A charity shop that we have never visited is noted but no sign of a Post Office.

“Quick, turn here” he said “John Street goes through Cabramatta. There’ll be a post office there” so a quick left turn and off we go into a swirl of one way lanes, dodging pedestrians as we go, until there is the post office but nowhere to park. A little further on, we double park in the station car park and off he goes to send it on its way.

Late that afternoon we set up camp in a park beside the river. He sets up the computer to check on any new orders while she goes for a wander beside the river, meeting the neighbours and photographing the brilliant sunset.

One day is set aside for business. There is a large charity shop just to the south of the nearest large town. The manager there contacted us some eighteen months ago and we spent an afternoon helping him sort his books into those to sell in the shop and those to put up on E-bay or send off to auction. We chose several boxes for our stock, offered him a fair price which he reduced for our help and said he would be back in touch when he had more to offer. Nothing more has been heard so we call in to see what is there and find nothing of interest. Half hour further on, a little place where some gems were found on a previous visit but this time one shop has closed down completely and the other is open very short hours for winter and is closed on the day we are there.

So, back to the big town. Last time we trawled the charity and second hand shops there were several purchases made. This time, she found three books in a series she likes but nothing for stock.

The week has come to an end and it’s back to the city for book fairs at Warriewood and Beecroft and several bags bought at both.

-Contributed by Barbara & Bill McLennan (The Book Collector)

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